PTM Technology


PTM Technology manufactures chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, components for ventilation systems, filters for intake pits and automatic sampling equipments.


PTM Technology
Via Mario Tognato 10
35042 ESTE PD

Tel: +39 0429 600749
Fax: +39 0429 600874


Plant & Equipment
• Conveyors, belt
• Conveyors, chain


The Italian company PTM Technology, a branch of Westeel, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, designs and manufactures machines and accessories for grain and flours, i.e. cereals, oil seeds, and bran. Equipment for the handling and storing of pellets and inert, chemical and woodworking by-products are also part of the wide range of quality products offered by PTM. The customization and excellent design are qualities highlighted by 33 different models of chain conveyors, 30 models of belt conveyors, 49 models of bucket elevators, with a capacity up to 1,200 tph, as well as the spouts and connections, filters, ventilation components and sampling systems.

If you need a special solution or ask for a perfect understanding of your requirements, PTM’s expert staff are ready to assist you.

At the core of its business PTM puts the commitment to use the most innovative industrial processes and advanced technologies. For example, the tongue and groove technique. It consists of components that are connected to each other by special pins and holes, devised for the single items to be assembled in the right position and sequence. Providing high accuracy in the construction, they represent a real advantage for both installers and technicians.

PTM’s customer care means that clients can rely on top quality services comprising customized solutions, design and manufacturing of special components, labelling of all parts, assembly drawings with bill of components, handbooks and declaration of conformity.


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