Belle Fourche grain elevator catches fire; damage ‘not good’

Belle Fourche | Firefighters kept an eye on the Dakota Mill and Grain elevator at the edge of downtown Belle Fourche late Wednesday afternoon after extinguishing a fire caused by an overheated rubber and plastic belt.

Smoke from the overheated belt, which moves the grain, brought an immediate evacuation of the tall grain silo and a call to the fire department a little before 11 a.m. Firefighters quickly called the Spearfish department for help. The Spearfish aerial unit can reach out 85 feet and is the only equipment of that type in the Northern Hills area.

After it appeared firefighters had the situation in hand, Dakota Mill and Grain President Brian Hammerbeck of Rapid City said sparks coming out of the “head house” caused manager Dean Weinzetl to evacuate the building of six local employees.

Full Story at Rapid City Journal

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